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All of us have had a childhood where it was impossible for our mother to shut the television down and push us to complete our homework. My childhood was nothing different from this. It was like every home where my younger brother and I would be fighting for the remote control in order to watch what we wished and the constant loud ranting of our mother to shut the television down which eventually led to the snatching of the remote from our hands and then a long gloomy evening full of books and homework.

With the coming of the high school, came in the prospects of bunking classes in order to indulge in movies in the theater with a bucket of popcorn in the hand. Every Friday, I would wait for a new movie to be released so that I could bunk my classes and start my weekend fiesta early.

With the passing time came in responsibilities and lack of will. Also, earlier there was no certain genre of movies that I looked for, anything would do, even the stupidest of the movies would do. Now, it is about watching something meaningful- it doesn’t happen always- but that’s what the quest is all about.

There came a phase in my life, when I ceased being a movie buff and rather took more interest in reading books, articles, and research papers. Reading was like healing, it just didn’t enlighten me, but made me what I am.

Then slowly reading books became difficult with lack of time too. I then resorted to writing poetry and editing. Something that kept me content with my work and still does is- I heard somewhere long back that, if your job doesn’t entail you to read more than thousand words everyday, it isn’t really a good job. My unending love for writing, made me try my hands on poetry, articles, content development, and last but not the least blogging.

I wouldn’t have ventured this path, if the most ambitious and talented, my best friend and the content manager and author- and the designations can go on and on- wouldn’t have been generous and asked me to be an editor and author in her blog. I don’t know what made her trust me, but until and unless I can keep that trust, we will be good.

Now, it is ‘our’ blog, though most of the hard-work is done only and only by Deepika. And, no I don’t feel guilty about it.

So, before it starts sounding like some award winning speech, I shall stop.

All I can say is, we make a good team. I am way too critical about the language which gives me the title of an editor on this blog besides being an author (apologies if some things are missed by me despite being critical), and Deepika is way too ambitious and passionate about this blog which makes her the manager.

Keep reading our posts. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

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