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Hello, welcome to Movie Anatomie!

A forewarning, you are not going to find me always reviewing movies that hit the billboard recently. Though, you are going to see me ramble about movies that have had an impact on me and have a great chance of having a similar effect on you.

Why write about movies and not something else?

Well, as a young girl, I would spend long hours sitting in front of the television, watching movies and cartoons. I suppose, most of the 80’s and 90’s kids would have a similar story to tell about their childhood.

Moving on, my mom would scold me and switch off the television. She would consider television as an “idiot box” and with an intent to engage me in something more productive, she would ask me to go do my homework or study. I would still find my way into the television room, and as quietly as possible, would turn the volume of the T.V. to a minimum and watch a movie (like, ‘Enchanted’ or some other movie that would have been coming up on the cable) to my heart’s content. But, contrary to the most light-hearted and idealistic movie’s ending, my little adventure would come to a tragic end when my mom would find out.

Amidst, all this power struggle with my mom, I realized that I didn’t watch television just for entertainment. But, because I loved stories, the way they are narrated, the way the actors make the characters come true and the way the camera opens up a whole new dimension of possibilities that were never thought of before. Which, by the way, sometimes gets jeopardized in reality due to various limitations.

Although the nature of reality remains undebatable, the invention of storytelling, however, has always acted as a prototype to what a human mind is thinking: what he has created, is creating and wants to create. Not only that, storytelling (may that be good or bad) also has a way of taking our mind off the day-to-day life and relief our minds of mundane stress.

Thus it does not surprise me, how even the most bizarre, abstract and unrelated paintings, videos and books become a guilty pleasure for us. Now, in my theory, if the stories shared are thoughtful and meaningful then that would only add to the quality of ideal/entertainment time spent.

In my terms, movies are unarguably the best form of storytelling in today’s world as it engages most of our senses and takes us on a ride of its own. The next medium that could match up to that effect would be ‘plays’ but that too is losing its grip on the public in the world of multimedia. Some would argue that books are good too and I wouldn’t deny that. In facts, I would say that books do help in developing one’s visualization and imagination, but movies still are the quickest and effective way of narrating a story.

In short, #moviesarefunandinteresting.

Any work of art has the potential to surrender itself to other’s opinions and yet retain its own definition. On that note, without any inhibition, share your opinion and perspectives. They are always welcome and appreciated.

Hope you enjoy what you read and are able to decide the next movie that you would want me to ramble about.

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