Hey! To those serious people who just can’t take the act of watching movies lightly.

If you can relate to the above mentioned type of people then I must conform that you are at the right place.

And, for those people who think it is just another blogging channel with people talking about movies. Then, I am sorry! I have to clear that out for you and say, wearing a straight face – No! It is not!

We are the people who would rather give up their jobs, cooking food, taking baths or even addressing the nature’s call (if you understand what I mean) just to complete a movie or a series. We are the people who cannot take movies and series at their face value. We need to understand its deeper meanings or otherwise, we are not getting our night’s sleep.

Now that you understand our serious approach towards the subject of entertainment, please feel free to dive into our blogs and check out how we take OUT the fun elements from movies or series, ironically, in an entertaining fashion.

Welcome to Movie Anatomy!

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