You Vs. Wild (2019) Netflix Series Review: The Future Is Here!

Have you ever wondered if you could survive the wild? ‘Wild’ where nature is in its finest. It’s occasionally that I sense the wild conflicting with our overly populated and protected cities. I sense it especially, in the corner of an unused room or the dark corners of an unclean kitchen. Although, beyond that, I don’t think I can withstand the encounter with the wild. However, at the same time, I have an acute realisation of the things that I might be missing out. Like, the breathtaking sceneries and new types of sounds and smells, which can only be experienced when one surrenders to nature and its elements.

Most of us have grown up seeing the series, ‘Man Vs. Wild’ released in 2006, where Bear Grylls took a walk through the uninhabited and uninhabitable terrains of the world, and survived. Back then, we would just wonder what we would have done if we found ourselves in a similar situation. Leveraging of the new technology of interactive series, Bear Grylls created the series, You Vs. Wild, where he removes the wondering aspect, and make its audience take the survival decisions.

Interactive series are fun and more engaging. However, the current technology of ‘timer’ is a little annoying. Even after the viewer has selected the desired option, they have to wait until the timer goes off. This, according to me, disturbed the experience of viewing this series a little, but apart from that, this series is extremely exciting and entertaining.

Further, I have always been awed by all Bear Grylls series; they are a well-balanced mixture of performance and acting spontaneously on the basis of true instinct. In those terms as well, this series is no less. You will find him come in and out of the character of being a host and expressing his views like he is off-camera talking to a friend. For me, not only the series but, Bear Grylls, himself was very interactive, which enhanced the relatability.

This eight episodes long series has also received a well-deserved nomination for Outstanding Original Interactive Program by Primetime Emmy Award. So, if you are adventurous at heart and the daily grind of the city life is tiring you, then I am sure, you will extremely enjoy this interactive series.

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Stay Adventurous!

Writer: Deepika Bhaduri
About: Movie Anatomie

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