Otherhood (2019) Movie Review: Cheers! to the superheroes of our lives: Mothers!

In the endeavor to fulfill the desires of our lives, we often forget the person who helped us to become the independent, open-minded person- our mother. Living thousands of miles away from my hometown and my mother has definitely made me a strong and independent woman, but how many times did I turn around and thanked her for pushing me to become something that she never could? Very honestly, never.

There was a phone call on a certain day when I remember my mother saying that she would want to come and live with me for a few days, and then I remember myself getting a panic attack and almost uttering a high-pitched ‘NO!’. The thoughts of losing my independence, maintaining my own space, living my life the way I wanted (which will definitely be questioned) suddenly struck me hard and I was afraid. She must have been hurt I believe, though she never really expressed it.

Netflix originals are actually taking the world under it sweep I must say. Starting from sci-fi, to action, to family dramas, to biopics, it has covered and I believe will be covering a lot more. The movie Otherhood, definitely had a way of speaking to you in volumes. Viewers covering from the age of seventeen to even fifty and above will find the story and the characters pretty relatable in certain ways. It is about mothers and their children and how they discovered themselves with each other and then apart.

The story has three strong women characters who are mothers. Their son live away from them and has forgotten all about Mother’s day. in order to rebuild their relation with their son and to make them understand the value of a mother they decide to go to New York high on some bourbon to reunify with their sons. What happens when they are there? and Is the mission successful? How shocked or happy are they with their respective son’s life? Is what you need to watch the movie for.

Very honestly, the movie is not unconventional when you see concepts of unappreciated housewife, grown women in the city, and some exceptional friendship. It will and might take you down a memory lane of television series like Desperate Housewives or Sex in the City even. However, the story and the characters somehow grow onto you. You actually start enjoying the movie and the way it unfolds itself.

It is sometimes very funny where you find the mothers in a reversal role of being reckless and the sons being worried, or the mothers actually going out of the way to put the value in front of their son. It is emotional and you may find yourself feeling very connected to the characters. Each mother-son pair has a different issue to resolve, a different bond and a different manner to handle it. The numerous sub-plots, apart from the main plot is perhaps what makes the movie so warm and inclusive.

Angela Bassett as Carol, Patricia Arquette as Gillian, and my personal favorite Felicity Huffman as Helen play their role in a remarkable way. They actually make you fall and rise along with their characters. I personally loved Carol and Matt’s relation as mother and son. Felicity Huffman is hilariously dramatic and makes you laugh in the movie. The comedy in the movie is depicted by these characters in a very heartfelt manner. It makes you laugh, but it also makes you ponder on the reality.

I would actually applaud Cindy Chupack on her directorial debut with this movie. Her script writing skill in some of the episodes of Sex in the City and Modern Family very well reflects here. And who will deny that these series have been some of ours guilty pleasure. Also, I loved the credits that she did at the end of the movie; it will never fail to make you smile, and that too broadly!

So yes! Some reality packed in a pretty and funny box is what Otherhood is about. I love the title of the movie as it actually hints and about how motherhood very quickly is marginalized as soon as the children grow, but it also very positively inclines towards the idea that our mothers are as independent and strong as they made us. We have made them the ‘other’, but they are what we need at the end of the day.

Go ahead and enjoy this movie. Laugh and cry along with the characters, for they will make you do that.

Watch the trailer here:

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Until next time! Mothers, grab a glass of wine and relax for you are worth it. And children, know it or not, your mothers are your backbones! So love and stay together!

Writer: Poulomi Das
About: Movie Anatomie

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