The Red Sea Diving Resort (2019) Movie Review: One Heroic Step and Thousands of Lives Saved

Every week Netflix drops a good entertainment treat for its viewers and subscribers. My personal favourites are movies and series which actually jerks you back to reality. The Red Sea Diving Resort proves to be nothing less. A story so close to reality, based on a true story, points out at the inherent discrimination that reeks in every part of this world. It is a story that needs to be told. So hold yourself up, and let’s get real with Chris Evans this weekend.

Over a month ago Israel has been shook again because of the discrimination that it displays. The shooting of an Ethiopian teen by a police officer raised questions and rallied protests throughout the country. Israel has been facing racial unrest since the time the Beta Israel’s immigrated to the country of Israel from Ethiopia during the mass exodus from 1970s till 1990s. The Israeli government took huge steps towards humanitarian causes in order to help the Ethiopian Jews to find a home in the Holy Land. The Mossads who were the Israeli government assassins and servicemen held hands in order to rescue the people from famine, civil war and socio-political unrest.

The movie is named after the hotel that these undercover agents run in Sudan in order to smuggle people to Israel. It is completely based on facts and the director makes sure that there is no question raised on it. However, sometimes I as a viewer felt that the heroic deeds were way too super-heroic in nature. It is understandable that a cinematic experience definitely needs to be near to yet far from reality, but a little more empathy wouldn’t have hurt. The story at the end of the day is about the agonizing life and the journey of the Beta Israels/Ethiopian Jews and not all and all about Captain America a.k.a Chris Evans saving the day with the Avengers beside him.

Yes, the mention of Chris Evans brings to any Marvel lover ‘s mind just one word, Captain America. It was delight to watch Chris Evans out of his costume and without his shield. There is no question that his acting prowess is commendable. He is like the Messiah that the Ethiopian Jews were waiting for (don’t get me wrong people, that’s the feel that the director gave in the movie). What I mean is a little unconventionality wouldn’t have perhaps hurt.

Haley Bennet, Michael k. Williams, Michiel Huisman, Alessandro Nivola all play their roles with dedication and conviction. When talking about actors I so wished that Ben Kingsley was given more areas to explore. He is an actor whose acting meticulousness one looks for. Similarly, I wished Greg Kinnear could have played a bigger role than being the obvious American savior that almost all biopic, war drama movies portray.

The writer and director Gideon Raff makes the movie with almost no loopholes in the facts. The writing as I have mentioned earlier lacks empathy which then does not serve the purpose of telling the story about the Ethiopians entirely. I simply wished I could get more emotionally attached to the cause through the movie. Though I found myself feeling proud of the heroic deeds, I also wanted to feel the pain of the Jews.

The cinematography by Roberto Schaefer who won the BAFTA for his work in Finding Neverland, does a commendable job. The heat of the desert, the coolness and the blue of the water and the journey of the Ethiopians speaks through his lens.

You will definitely find the movie covering facts on the political scenario of that time. The plight of the people in Ethiopia and the heroic deeds of the agents is a story that one should definitely be aware of. The movie is in many ways an eye-opener about the life of refugees then and now. The roles played by men throughout the has rescued many marginalized people in this world and this movie indeed comes with this very humanitarian message. Moreover, its release just within a month after the attack on the Ethiopian teen is like a reminder to the people of Israel and the world.

In order to find the answer to the questions like, How do the agents save the people? How does The Red Sea Diving Resort become the one and only ‘resort’ for thousands of Jews?, you need to click on your Netflix account and watch it.

Watch the trailer here:

So, what are you waiting for? the story of the brave-heart agents and the unyielding Ethiopians awaits you.

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Writer: Poulomi Das
About: Movie Anatomie

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