The Rewrite (2014) Movie Review: There is Something about Movies on Second Chances.

Now, who doesn’t like rom-coms! Almost every old soul, looking for comfort in the night tries to grasp onto something warm yet lighthearted. If you are trying to do away with your Monday blues today, you can perhaps try your hand on this movie which has been featured on Netflix recently, named, The Rewrite.

Movies on second chances are usually loved and welcomed with open arms. Movies like Thirteen turning Thirty, Second Act, Sliver Lining Playbook, even for that matter When Harry Met Sally are movies on second chances that a couple or an individual is given in life to rediscover themselves and to breathe new life in their relation. Moreover, every 90’s kid or millennial (as we call ourselves these days), have grabbed a mug of coffee or a tub of ice-cream to laugh and cry along with the characters in these movies.

It tells you a story of the one time Oscar winning screenplay writer Keith Michaels whose life has been a downward spiral. His second chance to shift the gear of his life comes with his extreme reluctant step to become a professor in a university. The manner in which he welcomes his second chance, the usual predictable losing of it and then gaining it back again is an of course, of course! It is inevitably like most of the 90’s movies.

The character of Keith played by Hugh Grant makes you laugh at his misogyny and boisterous attitude. There is an extremely outrageous yet hilarious scene of the faculty meeting where you will find Keith bashing Jane Austen. To be honest I kinda inclined towards his ideas, despite it being bluntly spoken. What can I say! I like blunt! He is cynical in the beginning, and almost goes against accepted norms of the university in order to fulfill his own self-interest.

Someone like me who has loved Hugh Grant since her childhood, will still find him making you laugh and feel content with his presence on the screen. Though the movie takes a set back after the initial few funny minutes, Hugh Grant is so likeable, that you will still find yourself smiling with him and laughing at him, which is, trust me a definite a mood-lifter.

We also see Marissa Tomei playing the role of Holly Carpenter. But hey! Here, she is not Aunt May of the Marvel movies, no Peter Parker here. In this movie, she is an epitome of second chances. She is just what Hugh Grant is not. A single mother studying in a university, working in multiple jobs, she is a fighter, and she is someone who believes in working hard to get to something. Almost like a ray of hope or an inspirational model, she subtly teaches Keith the meaning of life. How does she do that? You just need to go to your Netflix and watch it!

The cinematography by Jonathan Brown does not fail to give you the feel of the university campus life at all. In fact, it actually reminded me of my university days when everything was so nearby and life was so much easier. People were helping and knowledge was in the air.

Written and directed by Mark Lawrence, who has written movies like Two Weeks Notice and Did You Hear About The Morgans? gives you nothing really exceptional in this movie. It is just perhaps meant to be kept simple and is supposed to be a feel-good movie.

I somewhere feel that the story lost its fun element as soon as Keith starts changing from this narcissistic, misogynistic New Yorker to a simple, countryside man of Binghamton. Nevertheless, a Hugh Grant movie, is a Hugh Grant movie. Just adorable! umm, like his British accent!

So, before you go to sleep today, why not watch The Rewrite! Perhaps that will get you going for the entire week!

You can watch the trailer here:

Have a week guys! Not nice, may be not good! But a week!

Writer: Poulomi Das
About: Movie Anatomie

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