Secret Obsession (2019) Movie Review: How ‘Secret’ was it really kept?

Netflix has just dropped another thriller this week, and you have guessed it right, it is Secret Obsession. Now, before you even think of watching the trailer before diving into the movie, I would suggest that you don’t. The trailer gives up the essential plot elements and will make you ask the question – “Do I really need to watch this now?”

After watching You the web series which was a Netflix original, Secret Obsession was the second visual art circling around stalking and obsession that I embarked upon on Netflix. And Oh My! was I disappointed? Apart from some of the cringe-worthy scenes, yes, all in all, this movie is petty predictable and conventional.

The strong point of any thriller story line is its binding plot; a plot that strong that it holds you to your seat. A loophole or loopholes only makes it sketchy and unconvincing. This is exactly what Secret Obsession seemed to do. Worry not mates! I will not give any spoiler since I know how it can kill the suspense of the plot. I do care about spoilers in some cases, trust me!

Obsession knows no bounds. We have come across movies like Obsessed or the Boy Next Door, where events take such turns that the protagonist are shown pushing their limits in order to survive. Hiding in closets, being lost in the woods, stumbling upon dead bodies, and numerous attempts to set oneself free off the trap is what most psychological thriller movie revolves around. The essence lies in the fact if the movie can make you cringe or be dumbstruck by the atrocity of the perpetrator of the crime.

In this movie, the stalker played by the ever-chiseled jaw Mike Vogel really makes you wonder if the stalker is actually giving all his heart to hiding the truth and keeping the victim under his control. Starting from behaving erratic in public and making them suspicious to not putting an effort to dispose dead bodies, Russell, buddy this ain’t how you hide a crime that you have done! The character development of Russell Williams aka Ryan Gaerity is slippery. The character loses its depth when his actions do not come as convincing and his motives appear to be so loosely tied. Did you really think that with such blotchy covers on the crimes that you have committed, you can convince your victim that you are what she thinks you are. There are some elements of his life regarding his bad temper or relation with Jennifer prior to the crime that could have perhaps added intensity to the grudge and the obsession that he holds on to.

Then, on the other hand, we have Brenda Song who gained popularity from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck, plays the role of the victim Jennifer Williams. The entire movie rolls because it is based on her extremely temporary memory loss. The plot almost has this one basis, one reason to go on- short term memory loss. Why she loses her memory? What follows next? is what you need to go and find yourself of course! But yes, you will find her constantly repeating her actions of cutting herself free of the house arrest, which again will make you question the intelligence of the stalker or the writer who characterized him, may be!? P.S. You cannot, should not keep your laptop password to be the name of the person you are obsessed with! cliché much!

Nevertheless, the actors play their part with conviction and dedication. I would definitely love to see more movies where Mike Vogel or Brenda Song are actors. Further, when it comes to cinematography by Eitan Almagor, it is not a very appreciable job but better than the direction by Peter Sullivan and the script writing by Kraig Wenman and Peter Sullivan. The background score could have acted as one of the saving grace if it inculcated some fear or apprehension, but does not really do so.

However, if you are looking forward to cringe one or twice in 90 minutes and feel like killing your time and make use of that Netflix account on weekend, go ahead! I am pretty sure it is right there on your home screen awaiting you.

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Though, as said before, I wouldn’t suggest you to watch the trailer, but here it is, in case, you want to watch the movie in short:

Until Then! Happy weekend peeps!

Writer: Poulomi Das
About: Movie Anatomie

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